iPhone - Freeserve mail setup

On this page you'll find the Freeserve mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for Freeserve, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your Freeserve email on your iPhone or iPad.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings Freeserve

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server pop.freeserve.co.uk
Incoming port 110
SSl (security) incoming none
Outgoing server smtp.orange.net
Outgoing port 25
SSL (security) outgoing none
Requires sign-in no

Choose settings1
Scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars2
Tap Add account and select Other3
Tap Add Mail Account and enter the following information:4

Name: your name
Email: your Freeserve email-address
Password: your Freeserve email-password
Description: enter "Freeserve"

Choose pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the following information:5

Hostname: pop.freeserve.co.uk
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Scroll down and under outgoing mail server, enter the following information:6

Hostname: smtp.orange.net
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Tap save and in select your emailadress in the next screen. 7
Scroll down and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.8
Under Main server select smtp.orange.net and make sure the following information is displayed:9

SSL: none
Serverport: 25

Tap done and go to the previous screen. Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:10

SSL: none
Serverport: pop.freeserve.co.uk

Again, go back to the previous screen. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!11

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Ask something or provide an answer!

How can I backup my emails because Orange email is closing down in May. many thanks

valerie riley 21-02-2017 13:56

followed all instructions and still cant set up email account on my iphone 4 for freeserve.

John Bowes 21-02-2017 23:52


Would like to update my account

Grace Brown 02-10-2016 20:41


I have an iPhone 6 I can now send emails but still cannot receive them. I have asked for help from Apple and they can't do anything. Please help. Trix

Trix Summerfield 27-01-2017 19:11


In case it doesn't't show on this page, my e-mail address is fsmail.net.
Thanks again. Alan

Alan Coulter 02-12-2015 12:29


Hiya, I have tried all of the above step by step but all that keeps coming up is that the incoming sever setting is incorrect. Please can you advise?

Caroline bartlett 01-02-2017 20:27


I have an OSX Lion IMac and I have been using outlook to send / receive e-mails , but I can no longer send e-mails . Apple cannot fix it, as they say I must get the exact smpp numbers from my original server ( free serve)
At the moment , my outgoing settings is 25 and my incoming settings is 110 .
Please could you let me know what to do ?

Jane atherton 12-09-2016 20:31



I have tried the above and now receive emails but it will not send it just puts it in the outbax

steve 27-12-2016 23:09


I cannot get into my freeserve (orange webmails) system. I just get LOADS of pop up adverts. HELP The rest of my internet is fine.

Terry Mullard 17-03-2016 11:45


I have just updated my computer and lost my freeserve account. I tried to set it up but can't remember my password! Help! My freeserve address is: tina@courtenay-thompson.freeserve.co.uk

Tina Courtenay-Thompson 24-08-2016 20:08


Followed the instructions to set up email on new iPhone se keep getting a message stating Cannot connect using SSL - is there something else I need to do or change

Bonnie morgan 23-12-2016 22:55


Endless attempts to get freeserve address has failed

Ivor williams 14-06-2016 14:55


I am trying to set up my email it says cannot connect using ssl do you want to try setting up the account without ssl

shirley carter 18-10-2016 21:30


I have followed instructions on sending outgoing mail but still not
able to activate.how do I restart my iphone

Anne chilver 26-07-2016 09:38


who is Ben Kiyotaka?

fattima 06-06-2016 22:45


I cannot set up to receive emails following your instructions . I get incorrect username or password.

Michael Cutting 11-09-2016 14:11


Cannot set up email correctly on my iphone5s. It tells me pop.freeserve.co.uk is incorrect.

Rob Burden 21-05-2016 16:09


I am trying to set up my email it says cannot connect using ssl do you want to try setting up the account without ssl

shirley carter 18-10-2016 21:09


We have lost our sent items and deleted mailboxes. Only have inbox and trash.

Stephen Coustol 18-02-2016 11:55


I am
Getting hundreds of deleted emails coming back to my inbox on iPhone 5c.Driving me mad.How do I stop this please

Alan fletcher 25-01-2016 13:44


try to connect to my freeserve.co.uk account but get SMTP error "smtp Submission failed. Server 'smtp.orange.net' port 587.
Tried many time and many days. What is the right port for smtp for freeserve.co.uk account?

Kit Ling 03-10-2016 13:46


I cant receive any emails which was working fine until last night , i can get them on my i pad but not my laptop , could you possibly help me ? thanks David

David Watson 04-11-2016 14:56


I have tried all these settings to no avail ! It used to work until the upgrade of ios7 to ios8

John Baldwin 03-02-2015 14:34


We have lost our sent items and deleted mailboxes. Only have inbox and trash.

Stephen Coustol 18-02-2016 11:56


how can I access e mails on a kindle?, what server address should I use?

john lewnes 02-12-2014 17:43


i'm using a mac and mac mail. e mail has been fine until last friday when i stopped being able to send (still receiving) Spoken to ee and talk talk (my broadband provider) changed outgoing smtp to talk talk still won't send HELP

glinys braithwaite 08-09-2015 13:23


Tried to get free serve email on new smart phone. Failed at first hurdle. Message says 'couldn't finish. Couldn't open connection to server'. I'm happy with passwords input. Any ideas? Thanks Pete

Pete Morgan 15-04-2016 21:04


Managed to get this working on I phone and pad yesterday and am using orangehome as primary server but can't send e mails out today

Fiona Colquhoun 12-11-2015 11:56


I have tried following the above steps to input my freeserve email account on my ipad and iphone, but it does not seem to be responding

Anne 29-08-2015 17:51


Can you please give me the correct server settings for
1. my iPhone 4.

John Bowes 13-06-2016 22:02


I got further than before. Inbox actually showed at the top of the page but a box saying "cannot get mail" opened and told me that "fsmail is not responding" I have entered the correct info re fsmail.net instead of freeserve.co.uk

Alan Coulter 25-11-2015 19:59


I have tried the above but now think my password is incorrect. I need access to my emails

Lynda ooper 02-02-2015 17:23


Can you provide information foe connecting fsnet to I phone

barney 17-01-2015 16:49


In step no 6, do u mean username...and type the word email? Or do u mean type my email address

Annie de Souza 25-09-2015 00:20


I have tried all of the above and it still will nit work on my iphone5

amanda 06-10-2014 10:31


I've tried this and it still doesn't work. Says cant connect to server.

jason 02-03-2015 16:21


I don't appear to be receiving my emails

LYNDA COOPER 02-02-2015 17:01


Could you please direct me to the correct page and supply the exact info to enter into boxes so that I can set up my mail on iPhone 5s. Many thanks.. Alan

Alan Coulter 02-12-2015 12:02


In the steps above on my I-phone 4s how do I select the pop 3 server there is no option in the set up

Peter Etchells 02-11-2015 18:40


I have tried this and still not connected to iphone 4s

Glenys Lowes 27-11-2014 22:55


I have lost my freeserve outgoing mail settings - I need my password to enable both my iPhone and iPad

Fiona Montague 03-03-2015 10:56


Can I change my pop3 account to an imap account

Ray Solomon 15-12-2015 11:56


I have managed to set up my iPhone to receive emails using the above address but still can not send them despite following your instructions. Any further ideas please?

Jane Chapman 06-04-2015 22:27