AOL email settings for Android

On this page you find the AOL mail settings for Android. Follow the step-by-step Android guide or use the settings overview with the imap and pop3 server email settings for AOL.

Mail settings AOL

POP / IMAP imap
Incoming server
Incoming port 993
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 465
Requires sign-in yes

Android guide to setup AOL mail

1 Open your Email application from the menu, add a new account and choose 'Other'.

If you do not have an account yet, you can start setting up right away. Otherwise, open 'Settings' in the email app and choose 'Add account'.

2 In the next screen enter your account details and click on 'Login':

Email: your AOL email address
Password: your AOL email password

3 Choose imap and enter the following details under 'Server incoming mail':

imap server:
Security type: ssl
Port: 993

4 Your account is now ready to use.

Congratulations, your account is now set up. Open the email app on your smartphone to use your email.

Question and Answer

Have a question regarding your Android email setup or think you can help other AOL users out? Please comment below!

  • I am using Samsung phone. I use GMAIL for all my email services. I click on the big letter "M" and add an account. I select OTHER and IMAP. I type in my aol email address and password. Yes, I have verified I am typing those correctly. Each time I finish it keeps telling me "Username or Password is incorrect" WHY?????

    3 years ago
  • I am can not setting on mobile phone (android)​

    3 years ago
  • I am can not setting on mobile phone (android)​

    3 years ago
  • Cannot add my email account huewai p30 lite will not add to server followed instruction on manual set up

    3 years ago
  • Hi, I am having difficulty downloading emails from my AoL account to my Laptop, Samsung phone and my iPad. For some reason the last emails it shows are from last Tuesday. I can get to up to date emails if I login direct to Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. Thank you Barrie

    3 years ago
  • My aol account: is not working. Use my gmail account to respond

    3 years ago
  • My account is not working. Can’t receive emails

    3 years ago
  • There used to be a DELETE square directly beside each individual email message.. It has disappeared!. Where can I find it and add that delete square back to the mail current message email page?

    3 years ago
  • I do my email on an android phone. I can't do any 'Bold' or 'Underlining'. I can't do anything with my text. I googled and it said to go into my 'settings'. There is no 'settings'. Google said it was on the toolbar above the 'TO' field. The only thing above my 'to' field is the 'cancel' selection. I've tried everything. No toolbar. Is a toolbar not accessible from a phone?

    3 years ago
  • I can't get my email account on to this phone. It All a Can't load my all account on to this phone.

    4 years ago