iPhone - MSN mail setup

On this page you'll find the MSN mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for MSN, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your MSN email on your iPhone or iPad.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings MSN

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server pop3.live.com
Incoming port 995
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server smtp.live.com
Outgoing port 25
SSL (security) outgoing none
Requires sign-in no

Choose settings1
Scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars2
Tap Add account and select Other3
Tap Add Mail Account and enter the following information:4

Name: your name
Email: your MSN email-address
Password: your MSN email-password
Description: enter "MSN"

Choose pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the following information:5

Hostname: pop3.live.com
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Scroll down and under outgoing mail server, enter the following information:6

Hostname: smtp.live.com
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Tap save and in select your emailadress in the next screen. 7
Scroll down and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.8
Under Main server select smtp.live.com and make sure the following information is displayed:9

SSL: none
Serverport: 25

Tap done and go to the previous screen. Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:10

SSL: ssl
Serverport: pop3.live.com

Again, go back to the previous screen. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!11

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Can't get mail on I phone

Tony Killeen 31-12-2015 23:18

I have had this email since 2005 and I have not had to enter my password for years, I can't remember the password I used. How do I set up a new password so I can continue receiving my emails on my new Iphone6? Thank you

Sandra Bullick 14-12-2015 16:12


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I note the domain server has changed to dub406-m.hotmail.com, is this safe?

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How do I get to the page where I can choose "settings," as instructed in No. 1?

Jan 21-04-2016 23:15

How do I get to the page where I can choose "settings," as instructed in Step 1?

Jan Carey 21-04-2016 23:18

I activated a new I phone and it is asking for my password. I forget. How to I get a new one and be able to set up the phone to get my email messages.

Kenneth R Smith 29-02-2016 17:44

How to print emails on Epson iprint

Colin 18-10-2016 17:24

Got to step 6, and entered Hostname, but there is no entry for username or password. Help plz.

Robert Goetz 25-07-2016 19:05

I followed all instructions - just a reminder MSN mail changed to Outlook a long time ago, so that's how you need to add the new account, under Outlook not MSN. Thanks

Margarita 12-01-2017 18:53

I can receive email on my phone but cannot send emails.
I am not receiving emails on my computer which is a Mac

Bob 25-04-2017 02:55

Could not get messages on my iphone

Elma Migallen 25-04-2017 04:15

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MSN keeps wrong password or name I use same password on computer

Maribel Dunlap 14-12-2016 20:38

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Johna786 15-12-2016 01:07


Pharmk329 15-12-2016 18:25

Did not work. Got to last step- no SSL and server port 25 - now stuck on "verifying".
Followed instructions, but got some message from MSN that "premium account " required, even though I've had this address for years!!

Doug 11-04-2017 20:38


Pharmg379 17-12-2016 00:32

Very nice site!

Pharma539 04-03-2015 00:44

Thanks for help but are these instructions still valid? I find Outlook works fine on my iPad Air but MSN is increasingly problematic Many messages just fail to send. Any advice, much appreciated. James

James Mooney 07-09-2016 22:58

I can't get my msn set up on my phone... Don't know how to do it

Karen Boddy 24-09-2016 13:26


Pharmk923 18-12-2016 06:56


Pharmd969 19-12-2016 13:02


Pharmb322 20-12-2016 19:20


I am still unable to receive incoming emails from my phone. I am able to send out emails but do not receive new emails

Patty 20-07-2016 01:43


Got to step 6, and entered Hostname, but there is no entry for username or password. Help plz.

Robert Goetz 25-07-2016 20:13


Got to step 6, and entered Hostname, but there is no entry for username or password. Help plz.

Robert Goetz 25-07-2016 20:53


I have changed my password on my msn account as I was hacked. Now I try to send mail from Ipohon 6 but it says my password is incorrect? It is not.
I receive mails but cannot send. Please help

Kristin Jennins 07-03-2016 10:52


I'm have problem with incoming mail . Won't revived . Outgoing work ok ..on my iphone 6s

Jose 25-06-2016 16:54


I just changed fro an I phone 5 to a 6 and I don't remember my email password so I can't get email. What do I do?

Betty 12-12-2015 04:09


i do not use MSN how come u are in my phone i am being hacked Va piower people using pre paid phones i am a 71yr old women and dont share please Help # 804 9374135

johnnie rorrer 29-06-2016 22:48


I access my email on my IPHONE 6. When I travel to Mexico I loose all access and am given an error message "user name or password does not match"
I have all travel documents on my email and need this service Pls help

sherryl lagrone 03-01-2016 17:38


Very nice site!

Pharmc322 01-03-2015 12:44


1. In your web based msn email page go to Security Settings.
2. Turn off two-step verification permanently or
3. If you want to continue using two-step verification then turn it off then turn it back on.
4. You'll be asked for the type of device (iphone in my case).
5. It will generate a brand new password specifically for use with the iphone's built in Outlook email client
6. On your iphone go to Settings->Mail, contacts, calendars->Add Account->Outlook.com. Use the password generated in step 5.

NOTE: You're regular msn password is still used for logging into your msn email when you're doing so via a browser.

John Doe 08-12-2015 01:06


I have a new I.pad and can't access my e.mail I have followed the directions above but with no success

Teresa pittman 03-08-2016 18:28


"The IMAP server "imap-mail.outlook.com" is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the "incoming Mail Server" field". What should I do, someone please help!

May 26-04-2016 04:20


I suspect my account has been hacked as it will not send and receive emails and accept my password. How can I reset my password for msn.com

Tony 15-06-2016 18:10



Micki 29-12-2015 18:54


Im getting my email but when i try to send something or reply I keep getting "Cannot Send Mail" The user or password for rgamahomee@msn.com is incorrect

Gamble 07-01-2016 16:53


If you can't set your phone up to live.com it maybe because you have a 2 step verification on your email settings.
What you need to do is turn this OFF via your Desktop/Laptop then go back to your phone and setup your email in your settings as per normal, once this is activated you then need to go back to your computer and reacivate your 2 step verification this will ask you if you to register your phone and will give you a new password pacific to phone only (MAKE SURE YOU WRITE THIS PASSWORD DOWN FOR FUTURE REFERENCES)....

Lee Hewitt 10-01-2016 14:38


I delete a email on msn email but it does not delete on my phone or visa versa

Phil palmer 17-01-2016 00:10


I don't know my e-mail password

Kathy brewer 01-03-2016 22:08


Very nice site!

Pharmc153 02-03-2015 18:40


Very nice site!

Pharmd963 06-03-2015 12:45


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Pharmd349 07-03-2015 18:42


I have the IPhone 6 and above email. I tried to enter the settings but it keeps telling me " the imap server pop3.live.com is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the incoming mail server field. I don't know what they are telling me to do. Then if I cancel out the incoming server automatically goes to incoming server: imap-mail.outlook.com. The outgoing mail serves stays with: smtp.live.com. Can you help me? My emails coming and going are slow as molasses. Way slower than my old iPhone 4. Best. Greg

Greg 18-11-2015 18:40


I have a new Iphone6S. I can receive emails, but cannot send. The incoming on my phone is listed differently as server - imap-mail.outook.com. I have the outgoing as smtp.live.com. Keep getting error that password is not correct. Can you help?

Jeanne 31-03-2016 18:18


Very nice site!

Pharmc762 28-02-2015 06:23


my Iphone5 was set up as "Exchange" but is a MSN account. I am told to set up my Iphone6S as "Outlook" since my home computer is Outlook but I cannot get it to take the settings for Outlook. I am receiving e-mail under both Outlook and Exchange but cannot send e-mails...they fail. Any ideas?

Donna 19-11-2015 05:52


followed steps to update mail account on IPHONE 6. Step #10 is a problem. SSL is "On" in my settings. Server Port only allows me to enter a #, so can't enter POP3.live.com

sherryl lagrone 03-01-2016 18:17


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Johng8 27-02-2015 12:20


I have a iPhone my only access to the internet yesterday when I check my mail it keeps telling me my msn email address or password in incorrect unable to get mail.

Tina Norman 31-10-2015 00:23


I have done all of the above but I'm trying to set up my dads msn account but when trying to send an email the error says ' the password or username is incorrect' I have update the password to the correct one but still not working, any ideas?

Amy 02-03-2016 20:00


When I go through the settings I keep getting an error message "the user name or password is incorrect

Daniela 19-10-2015 06:02


My new iphone6 gets my msn email but it gets old emails also that are marked unread. I have over 4,250 emails now. How do you stop it from downloading already read and deleted email?

Daryl 15-02-2015 21:08


looks like my iPhone changed my msn settings to imap-mail outlook and I am no longer receiving emails on my phone but still am on computer...tried putting back to old settings above but still not working

valerie 27-09-2015 19:14


hi i am trying to change my e mail settings all to imap so my computer and phone sync and I dont have to erase mutiple e mails on multiple accts.

I have found a way to do this but need to find the host names for my msn and google accts. How do i find the host names?

Diane 26-02-2015 22:44


i have follow your step by 100%. but my mail shown user name or password for msn is incorrect, although I have checked all very carefully...... :(

john 13-03-2015 10:39