Android - O2 mail setup

On this page you'll find the O2 mail settings for Android. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for O2, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your O2 email on a Android device.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings O2

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server
Incoming port 110
SSl (security) incoming none
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 25
SSL (security) outgoing none
Requires sign-in yes

Go to your mail app, choose settings and add a new email account.1
Choose pop3.3
Please enter your full O2 email address and password. Then select "Manual Setup".4
Enter the following information in the incoming settings screen:5

Username: email
Password: uw email-wachtwoord
Incoming server:
Incoming poort: 110
Security type: none

Choose 'next'.

Enter the following information in the outgoing settings screen:6

Outgoing server:
Outgoing port: 25
Security type: none
Authorisation required: yes
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Choose 'next'.

Enter your preferences in the following screen and give the account a personal name. Congratulations, your e-mail has been se7

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I do not want email notifications !!

Pearl Wandrey 18-04-2016 21:25

Iam not reciveing any emails wont let me

daniella 29-10-2015 10:41

Not reciwved any since 17october ive tried to reset it and says takes up to 30 days what do i do in mean time i need to access my emails help

daniella 29-10-2015 10:43

Hi, I have just received a new 02 pay monthly sim card, I have put it in my phone and I get a very good signal but I can't use it on the Internet. It comes up with insert sim and emergency calls only. I have cleaned the sim and my phone is unlocked. Please help.

Lee Knight 06-09-2016 20:37

My phone is only for Vodafone sim cards not O2 my partner brough the. Phone for me at a Vodafone shop thankyou

Janet Coyne 14-02-2017 21:43