Android - NTL World mail setup

On this page you'll find the NTL World mail settings for Android. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for NTL World, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your NTL World email on a Android device.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings NTL World

POP / IMAP imap
Incoming server
Incoming port 993
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 465
SSL (security) outgoing ssl
Requires sign-in yes

Go to your mail app, choose settings and add a new email account.1
Choose imap.3
Please enter your full NTL World email address and password. Then select "Manual Setup".4
Enter the following information in the incoming settings screen:5

Username: email
Password: uw email-wachtwoord
Incoming server:
Incoming poort: 993
Security type: ssl

Choose 'next'.

Enter the following information in the outgoing settings screen:6

Outgoing server:
Outgoing port: 465
Security type: ssl
Authorisation required: yes
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Choose 'next'.

Enter your preferences in the following screen and give the account a personal name. Congratulations, your e-mail has been se7

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Diana williams 22-11-2016 14:49


cant remember my password. How do i reset it

Kenneth Nutt 23-12-2016 14:19

cant remember my password. How do i reset it

Kenneth Nutt 23-12-2016 14:10

I have changed my email address from and cannot remembering my user name or password to acces my emails, can anyone please help?
Thank you

George Wilkinson 16-10-2016 12:17

I forgot my password

Ramesh Pabari 03-02-2017 12:09

email closing down

B Hester 21-02-2017 22:26

My email account keeps shutting down unexpectedly. This can happen several times in a row.

Barbara Ann Hester 21-02-2017 22:28

I have a new laptop and I cannot remember, nor can I find my user password. The technician is there for unable to transfer my email facility to my new computer. Please can you trace my password?

Diana Bishop 09-11-2016 23:03

Trying to set up email account on Android Doro device. No room for different password on IMAP setting. Will not connect. Please advise! Thank you.

Michael Dack 09-10-2016 14:45

I've lost my password to sign in to my email account

Kenneth Bradley 03-12-2016 21:33

I can't pick my emails up

David illidge 15-04-2017 20:48

I've lost my password to sign in to my email account

Kenneth Bradley 03-12-2016 21:49

My emails have stopped working it was working before

Joyce mcdonough 15-04-2017 21:27


Trying to set up email on new android phone. Will not connect

Barry wicks 08-01-2017 19:53


My mail has just stopped under my address
Can't get any help just passed from pillar to post on the phone
I done all the setting again but cannot retrieve my mail! It's so frustrating

Gillian woodall 14-10-2016 16:52


I can't access my e-mail account. It won't recognise my password and it hasn't changed. Is there a problem with ntlworld?

Martine Jeyes 27-01-2017 21:32


I have set up my email on my motog4 but I cant access my emails

Teresa 12-01-2017 18:32


Email settings for android Motorola g

Paul sisson 02-04-2016 04:18


Please help I cannot access your emails at all.... I have tried to reset the password and it states that I have no account.... Please ring 07950-566368

Michelle Smith 18-10-2016 11:27



ERIC SAINT 02-12-2016 14:53


The instruction say to use "uw email-wachtwoord" as the password. Is this correct or should I use my own password?

Your Name 24-09-2015 10:06