iPhone - AOL mail setup

On this page you'll find the AOL mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for AOL, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your AOL email on your iPhone or iPad.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings AOL

POP / IMAP imap
Incoming server imap.aol.com
Incoming port 993
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server smtp.aol.com
Outgoing port 587
SSL (security) outgoing ssl
Requires sign-in yes

Choose settings1
Scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars2
Tap Add account and select Other3
Tap Add Mail Account and enter the following information:4

Name: your name
Email: your AOL email-address
Password: your AOL email-password
Description: enter "AOL"

Choose imap under incoming mail server and enter the following information:5

Hostname: imap.aol.com
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Scroll down and under outgoing mail server, enter the following information:6

Hostname: smtp.aol.com
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Tap save and in select your emailadress in the next screen. 7
Scroll down and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.8
Under Main server select smtp.aol.com and make sure the following information is displayed:9

SSL: ssl
Serverport: 587

Tap done and go to the previous screen. Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:10

SSL: ssl
Serverport: imap.aol.com

Again, go back to the previous screen. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!11

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How do I access settings on my iPad to set my mail to not automatically open emails?

Kim 27-03-2017 21:14

Set up new account

Bucket Poker 17-11-2016 16:48

How do I change iPhone from constant email pop ups and how do I set iPad to revive mail Thank you

Kimberly 25-02-2017 02:48

My AOL Settings is not functioning correctly

Sue Smith 26-11-2016 00:30

email still not working.
i have iPhone 5 S with newest iOS.
any help?

brian palermo 24-10-2016 20:17

I want to delete imap and outlook can you help me

Judy cantlon 31-03-2017 20:54

Do you ship

Shannon 17-03-2016 15:25


I deleted my aol account on my phone due to being hacked. I would like to reinstall aol.

Jeannine 06-12-2016 00:04


Hey, I cant seem to get my e-mail to work on my I-phone. I keep getting a message that says imap server is not responding

Dave 18-02-2017 03:33


I have another email address suekastyle@aol.com
But have forgotten my password
Cannot access my emails
How can I change my password
Or retrieve the password

Sue hulbert 19-09-2016 07:39


it is saying port 993 timed out... I was quick... so not sure what to do next

Heidi 27-07-2016 17:20


Unable to open my mail or get imap

Barry winters 29-01-2017 21:23


Can't receive aol mail on my I phone

Larry Aronoff 12-03-2017 19:29


How to reset to english?

Danna 30-01-2017 18:02


Aol does not recognise password and will not let me set up another one

Albert 12-07-2016 09:13


I can't get my current email to work with new phone. I had no issues with my old apple 5 before. These instructions do not coincide with any settings on my 7plus. Very unsettling. Never had this issue before when upgrading from the 4 to 5s in the past.

Dan Marble 03-01-2017 08:03


I've been trying for endless hours to get my AOL mail to work on my new phone. It keeps saying that my username/password are wrong. I've even changed my password now, still not working!

Susan 29-11-2016 17:31


Today there is a lock icon before the mail.aol.com address on my iPhone. How do I unlock it so it will open.

Rose 14-11-2016 16:08


I cannot send emails. I have forgotten my password.

Dianna C. Martin 26-06-2016 02:36


kenapa susah masuk akun baru saya

Melati Anggraini 03-11-2016 18:02


kenapa susah masuk akun baru saya

Melati Anggraini 03-11-2016 18:10


I got a new phone today. I went to access my mail. I, entered the wrong password, now it will not let me go back and try again. I just get the user name or password for AOL is incorrect. There is no option to try again. Suggestions?

Jessica Wittcoff 18-10-2016 03:07


Need to set up a new pass word

Christopher mcmanama 26-05-2016 03:40


Why can't I get my aol mail? None of the information above worked when I tapped on it!

William Sedletzeck 12-04-2017 21:35


How do I set up the AOL old mail folder on my phone..it only shows months old emails and doesn't refresh.

stuart Ozar 11-09-2016 18:05


I changed my aol password. It works fine on my computer, but my iphone keeps rejecting the new (or any) password. Tried rebooting phone, deleting aol and reinstalling, no good.

Mark 22-12-2016 18:39


What if you don't see incoming server, the first step when you go into settings and mail, contacts & etc. what do I do when trying to set up aol email on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Cece 06-03-2016 20:51


How doI change my AOL password?

Suzie 14-01-2017 23:15


Got to last step and server port shows 465. How do I change that?

Jennifer 15-01-2017 21:35


I can't get my mail on my I phone

Bill hasher 02-06-2016 20:48


I think my aol account has been hacked so I updated my password and accepted the 2-step verification onto the aol account. I deleted the aol account on my phone so I could set it up again. I downloaded the authenticator app for the 2-step authentication and attempted to add the aol account back onto my phone. When I have completed the steps, I get the message: Cannot Get Mail The user name or password for "imap.aol.com" is incorrect. Any guidance on how to fix this?

Rick Bethel 26-01-2017 21:53


I had aol mail coming to my I phone but lost my phone. AT&T set me up with a I cloud account. I would like my aol mail account back so I can start receiving aol mail again.

Terry Turpen 11-08-2016 09:28


How can I stop AOL mail opening first every time I turn the phone on?

Pat 19-10-2016 11:12


I've been trying for endless hours to get my AOL mail to work on my new phone. It keeps saying that my username/password are wrong. I've even changed my password now, still not working!

Susan 29-11-2016 07:12


Hi for some reason my aol email no longer works on iPhone and iPad it is saying imap.aol.com is not responding do you know why this is. I've have had to download app which is ok but I like my aol email in my iPhone email app with my work email address

Dan Tidman 01-10-2016 18:59


Mail not working

James 01-10-2016 19:56


I cannot send or receive emails. It says the password or email is incorrect. What do I do?

Ginger 29-08-2016 23:30


new iPhone 6. Followed the path to ougoing mail server, host name and user name OK but need to change password and it wont allow access to that screen (all in grey)?

Verity 26-05-2016 18:28


i completed all the steps and ended up with a server port of 465 not 587 does that matter

Gayle Brandt 17-06-2016 20:33


My imap server has stop rxcepting my new emails but I haven't changed anything?

Sarah cattell 11-02-2016 20:09