iPhone - Tiscali mail setup

On this page you'll find the Tiscali mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for Tiscali, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your Tiscali email on your iPhone or iPad.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

Mail settings Tiscali

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server pop.tiscali.co.uk
Incoming port 110
SSl (security) incoming none
Outgoing server smtp.orange.net
Outgoing port 25
SSL (security) outgoing none
Requires sign-in no

Choose settings1
Scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars2
Tap Add account and select Other3
Tap Add Mail Account and enter the following information:4

Name: your name
Email: your Tiscali email-address
Password: your Tiscali email-password
Description: enter "Tiscali"

Choose pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the following information:5

Hostname: pop.tiscali.co.uk
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Scroll down and under outgoing mail server, enter the following information:6

Hostname: smtp.orange.net
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Tap save and in select your emailadress in the next screen. 7
Scroll down and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.8
Under Main server select smtp.orange.net and make sure the following information is displayed:9

SSL: none
Serverport: 25

Tap done and go to the previous screen. Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:10

SSL: none
Serverport: pop.tiscali.co.uk

Again, go back to the previous screen. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!11

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Since Sunday morning I have been unable to send or receive emails on my lap top or iPad. The message "the user name or password is incorrect". Can you help please.

John Land 23-01-2017 08:58


My deleted e mails keep coming back into inbox. Currently I have around 500. What should I do?

Jenny Garrity 07-07-2016 11:05

Since Sunday morning I have been unable to send or receive emails on my lap top or iPad. The message "the user name or password is incorrect". Can you help please.

John Land 23-01-2017 15:43

I have tried following your guide to set up my emails on my new iPhone, i get a repeat message stating cannot get mail Hostname: smtp.orange.net is incorrect. i have tried and tried. please help. Thank you
Regards Lyn

Lyn Corfmat 06-11-2016 17:53

I am unable to use my Tiscali email at present because a box comes up stating "wrong password" but I am unable to do this as I have forgotten it. Can you help please?

Jane Henderson 13-01-2017 10:54

Since switching to a bt home hub I have not been able to send email from my iPhone or iPad but can receive mail,all outgoing mail says rejected by server

Mark bowyer 30-11-2016 21:28

Have new. I Phone cannot use messaging will not accept my password

Angela G Hearn 14-03-2016 14:37

Having had a nightmare time setting up myemailaccount . The screen will not always navigate between different boxes oedema drafts etc. Help please

Jill Bebbington 10-05-2016 15:20

hi, my wife has just got an iphone 7 and when i set up the email all was verified but although it recieves mail it will not send, she has a lineone.net address but the outgoing account is through sky.com as the sever, i have tried several different port numbers but to no avail, the message fail says unable to send the sender address ******@lineone.net was rejected by the server.
any suggestions as to a solution

SAM PICKEN 20-01-2017 12:53


Can not get my account

David barnes 21-06-2016 15:21


I have forgotten password and can not get my e mails

Sandra brown 09-03-2016 14:54


Forgot password & can't get emails

Mark worth 17-07-2016 16:45


Forgot password & can't get emails

Susan lock 20-07-2016 20:34


In my other computer which has windows 10 the MS mail app will only allow me to view the first 10 messages in the in box. However on my other PC using outlook express Windows XP i can see all messages in the in box. Can you tell me how to view all messages on my windows 10 computer.
Thank yuo

Nigel 28-02-2016 08:45


Just reset password but iphone is stating that the password is incorrect.

Sharonmarie Breen 24-07-2016 21:23


Please help me. I'm getting bomb barred with old and new emails which I have deleted once already as far back as November 2015 until the present day, after a short while they go and replaced with the same and new ones. What do I need to do to stop this. We were with Talk Talk, and then we changed over to Sky for everything around November last year, but my problem started 10 days ago. In your hands.

Nigel skyner 16-02-2016 15:00


Forgot password & can't get emails

Mark worth 17-07-2016 16:45


Trying to transfer mail from husbands tiscali account to iPhone 4, no option for pop3 only choice is imap or pop... Cannot connect to ssl or continue further

Stinder grayson 20-10-2015 17:44


forgotten my password

George Bickerton 02-09-2015 11:55


Trying to get emails on iPhone . Problem with password.

Eleanor McCallum 02-02-2016 14:57


why cant I send emails from my Iphone either from my home wifi or when I use other wifi connections?

Helen Beech 15-10-2015 17:36


New iPhone will not accept my Password

Angela G Heaen 14-03-2016 14:34


I'cant remember my password for this address how do I find out?

JJ 28-12-2015 15:50


Tiscali closed me out from receiving emails at the end of November and says my password is wrong. I can't remember my password. How do I recall it?

Peter Johnson 09-01-2016 16:59


I have a tiscali email what are the settings for outgoing mail on an iPad air. It has been working fine up until last week when all my sent emails stayed in my out box
Have tried orange . net but this doesn't work
Thank you

Nick 02-04-2015 23:45